Monday, February 24, 2020

KKE campaign to honor the 75th anniversary of the Anti-Fascist Victory of the People

On the occasion of the 75 years since the Anti-Fascist People’s Victory, the Party Organisations Abroad of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) organize a series of events that include visits in 75 anti-fascist memorials across Europe. The campaign is titled “1945-2020, 75 years of the Anti-Fascist Victory, 75 Anti-Fascist Memorials, Tribute to the People”.

As 902 portal reports “these events will give us the opportunity to honor the male and female fighters who sacrificed their lives throughout Europe, who were tortured, imprisoned and went into exile. To honor the decisive contribution of the USSR in the Anti-Fascist Victory as well as the undisputed superiority of socialism against capitalism”. 

This campaign is a powerful response to the continuous efforts of the EU and the bourgeois classes to distort History and erase people’s historic memory, it is a response to the vulgarity of anti-communism. A basic pillar of the policy of the EU and her governments is the vilification of communism based on the “two extremes theory”.

The campaign of the KKE Party Organisations Abroad began on Sunday 23 February with visits in Soviet memorials in Berlin and Dresden. Members and supporters of the KKE laid flowers to the Soviet memorial in Tiergarten which was erected in 1945 in honor of the 80,000 soviet troops who lost their lives in the battle of Berlin. 

A similar event took place at Olbrichtplatz square in Dresden, at the Memorial of the Soviet Soldier. The campaign honoring the 75th anniversary of the People’s Anti-Fascist Victory will continue in the upcoming weeks throughout Europe and will reach its peak on May 9th, with a central event in Berlin.