Monday, February 10, 2020

PAME calls for strike on February 18th against ND government's Social Security reforms

A nationwide General Strike in both state and private sector has been announced by the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) for February 18th, as a response to the anti-people reforms of the Greek government on Social Security and Pensions. 

In a statement addressed to workers, pensioners, farmers, self-employed people and students, PAME calls for mass participation in February 18th’s strike. 

“Social Security has to do with our lives. The unacceptable anti-Social Security draft law must be withdrawn!” is the headline of the call which reads:

“The unacceptable draft law of ND government is the aggressive restoration of the Katrougalos law (SYRIZA) which paves the way for the “three pillars”, that is the privatization of Social Security within the logic of the Pinochet system. The struggles of the workers and pensioners during the last years delayed its implementation […] The government not only does not abolish Katrougalos’ law as it was promising before the elections mocking the pensioners, but strengthens it legally and tries to fastly implement it”.

Under the new anti-people law, the retirement age limit rises to 67 years for both men and women, for all working categories. It also paves the way for the privatization of the Social Security system and irrevocably abolishes the 13th and 14th pension (holiday bonuses) which had been cut with the austerity laws of 2010-2012. Practically, for a large number of pensioners, that means minus 500 euros from their annual income. 

Numerous Workers' Federations, Labour Centers and Associations have endorsed the call for the Strike, denouncing the anti-people reforms initiated by the government.