Friday, August 5, 2016

Greece: Communists honor the victims of the nuclear holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Statement by the KKE

With mass gatherings and rallies in Athens and Thessaloniki, the Greek Committee for International Peace and Detente (EEDYE) honors the victims of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki nuclear crime. 

In the afternoon of August 9th, a political event have been scheduled in the shadow of the Athens Acropolis, marking the 71th anniversary of the imperialist crime in Japan. The major slogan of the event is "To condemn the US crime in Hiroshima-Nagasaki" and "Condemn the Imperialist Wars and Intervention". A similar event will take place in Thessaloniki's city center. 

On the occasion of the 71 years since the dropping of the atomic bombs in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (6-8 August 1945), the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued the following statement

This year marks the 71th anniversary of the US imperialist crime in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where hundreds of people lost their lives from the atomic bombs, while thousands continue to die every year because of radiation consequences. 

Today, 71 years later, in the soil of capitalist crisis the antagonisms between states and monopolies are sharpening for the distribution of markets and natural resources; especially in our broader region, the danger of a generalized war with Greece's involution is growing. A proof of that is the interventions, the dozens of local and regional wars with people being the victims and with thousands refugees and uprooted (people). What is emerging is the need for the working-class movement to have a steadily orientation against the imperialist war and the causes which create it.

The SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government, like the previous governments, readily and actively participates in all the dangerous plans of the US, NATO, EU which, in the framework of their competition with Russia can cause a real holocaust for Europe's people and broader. (The government) supported the recent NATO decisions, the deepening of the collaboration with the imperialist EU, which under the pretext of “peace” and “security”, are seeking the “security” of the Euro-American monopolies against the peoples' rights.

Capitalism isn't humanized, cannot give solutions to the basic problems of the people, cannot secure peace for them. The imperialist wars will exist as long as the power is in the hands of the capitalists.

The disengagement from NATO and all imperialist organisations, the struggle for the defense of the borders and the sovereign rights of Greece, for the disengagement from imperialist wars and interventions is inseparable with the struggle for the overthrow of Capital's power, with the people being dominant under their own power. 

(Translation: In Defense of Communism).