Monday, June 27, 2016

Golden Dawn's neo-Nazis: Puppets of EU's Monopoly Capitalism

After the 'Brexit' victory in Britain, the Nazi-criminal party of 'Golden Dawn' issued a statement saluting "the brave decision of the British people to deny the ‘crows’ of Brussels and the financial oligarchy of Germany". However, once again, the Golden Dawn's Nazis contradict themselves. The contradiction is that the actual, publicly declared, position of the Nazi party is in favor of the EU; more specifically of Greece's membership in the Union.

Just a year ago, in an interview on the site, the leader of 'Golden Dawn' N.Michaloliakos had referred to a possible exit of Greece from the EU and the Eurozone as a "criminal mistake against the nation", adding that "Greece has no choice at the moment; for Greece there is only the Euro and under harsh conditions" (22/6/2015). Golden Dawn's 'Fuhrer' had expressed the same position four years ago, just before the 2012 national elections, speaking on ERT (Greece's Public Television). 

As a typical fascist party- which is actually the watchdog of the big Capital in Greece- Golden Dawn constantly lies to the people. In an interview given to a far-right blog on May 2014, the retired Army officer and current Golden Dawn MEP Giorgos Epitidios said: "I am in favor of the EU. Our country has the need to participate in international unions and organisations like the EU and NATO". What the Nazi Party's MEP said reflects the truth about Golden Dawn: It is a pro-imperialist, pro-capitalist party, despite it's delusive rhetoric.

For those who have not a clear idea what 'Golden Dawn' is, let us remind that:

- Golden Dawn is a Nazi organisation. Not just another far-right, anti-immigration party, but an organised gang consisting of Hitler and Mussolini's admirers. The party's leaders have openly expressed their admiration for Nazi Germany, while numerous photos depict them with swastikas and Adolf Hitler's photos. 

- Golden Dawn is responsible for hundreds of attacks against immigrants and Greek workers. On September 2013 a party-member murdered hip-hop singer and musician Pavlos Fyssas. Just days before Fyssas' murder, the Nazis had ferociously attacked members of the Communist Party in Piraeus. A few months earlier, on January 2013, Golden Dawn's members had murdered Pakistani immigrant worker Shahjad Luqman in central Athens. The trial of Golden Dawn is under way and you can read more here

- Proving its role as the watchdog of the big Capital, Golden Dawn has repeatedly submitted numerous questions and proposals in the Parliament in favor of the Greek shipping companies. On the same time, the neo-Nazi party asks for more tax breaks for the big companies and works side-by-side with the big employees in an effort to terrorize labour union members and striking workers.

- Golden Dawn is a member of so-called 'Alliance for Peace and Freedom' (APF), a far-right european coalition. Last May, we had republished an article about how this far-right, fascist coalition has access to EU-funds. According to indisputable sources the EU gave 600,000 Euros to the political descendants of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. 

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