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Saturday, July 6, 2024

British communists on the General Election results and the victory of Starmer's Labour Party

In a statement about the result of the General Election and the victory of the Labour Party, the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) points out:

"The Communist Party thanks all of our candidates and supporters who have campaigned intensively over the last six weeks to bring popular, socialist and anti-imperialist politics to the heart of working class communities up and down Britain. Their hard work was the cornerstone of our campaigning work across Britain.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Communist Party of Britain (CPB): "The working people should have no illusions about an incoming Labour government under Starmer"

“Whoever takes office after 4 July, the ruling capitalist class will remain in power in Britain”, Johnnie Hunter, the Communist Party’s Director of Communications, told the Party’s political committee on 25 June 2024.

“Across the pro-establishment political parties and the state and monopoly media, there is almost total unity on the fundamental questions facing working people: austerity, privatisation, migration, Palestine, Ukraine and growing militarism”, he declared.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

British Communist Party announces first candidates for 4 July General Election

The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) has announced its first Westminster parliamentary candidates for the General Election on 4 July 2024. The Party’s Political Committee met on Thursday 23 May and endorsed plans from local CP organisations to fight seats in England, Scotland and Wales, with more candidates to be announced next week.

Candidates so far include former housing and local government worker Lorraine Douglas, who will be challenging ex-Prime Minister Liz Truss in South West Norfolk, and trade union organiser Darren Turner, also an activist in the Toothless in Suffolk campaign. He will be flying the red flag in Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket.