Thursday, March 28, 2024

Milei’s chainsaw against the Argentine working class

On March 1, Javier Milei took advantage of his speech at the opening of the Ordinary Sessions of the Argentine Congress to put forward his line of adjustment and surrender, after the great defeat of the «Omnibus Law I», that officially was named Ley Bases y Puntos de Partida para la Libertad de los Argentinos, but was dubbed «Omnibus Law I» due to the numerous areas on which it was intended to legislate.

Following the same line as Sergio Massa, his electoral rival ─but class partner─, Milei proposed a «great national agreement»; a new «social contract» ─as he was dynamiting bridges between possible allies─ whose purpose is to guarantee governability and that the different bourgeois factions unite around their adjustment, surrender and repression projects. 

That is why he is relaunching the «Omnibus Law II», the supposed battery of «anti-caste» measures and the so-called «May Pact», a 10-point agreement which, according to the president, would establish «the principles of the new Argentine economic order». However, these are nothing more than anti-worker, anti-popular and openly surrenderist measures. One more step in their offensive against the Argentine proletariat.

Within his anarcho-capitalist delirium, Milei vociferates that education -which he himself is defunding- imparts anti-capitalist study materials, and that today Argentina needs more capitalism. What a hypocrisy! Capitalism is to blame for the fact that today almost of 60% of Argentina are poor, homelessness continues to increase, massive lay-offs are carried out, the surrender of our natural resources occurs…. What Argentina urgently needs today is a socialist revolution: that what is produced be invested in favor of the needs of the working class and not for the benefit of a few parasites.

On the other hand, we know very well that the «chainsaw plan» will be implemented with  repression; hence the urgency of the National Government to modify by law or National Emergency Decree (DNU), the legal framework for the repressive forces to act without any kind of legal consequence.

In this sense, Milei said in the session of March 1st: «We are promoting an extension in the framework of legitimate self-defense»; which will mean more deaths by trigger-happy actions against the sectors most affected by capitalist policies, which are none other than the employed and unemployed working class living in the poorest neighborhoods. Furthermore, in the framework of political action, they will have legal justification at the time of attacking militants in certain actions; advancing in their reactionary and ultra-right wing policies.

The «refoundational» elements proposed by Milei to the bourgeoisie factions in his «May Pact», are: the inviolability of private property; the reduction of public spending to historic levels, around 25% of GDP; non-negotiable tax balance; a tax reform that reduces the tax burden; the redistribution of the federal co-participation of taxes; a commitment of the provinces to advance in the exploitation of the country’s natural resources; a labor reform; a pension reform; a structural political reform that modifies the current system; and the opening to international trade.

The Argentine working class has the urgent need to fight and defeat the «May Pact», the «anti-caste» package and all the anti-worker and anti-popular measures that the National Government is promoting and carrying through; not forgetting the necessity and Urgency Decree (DNU) in force, with more than 300 articles that benefit the bourgeoisie and its interests. The line of «National Unity» that Milei puts forward today with these «re-foundational» points, are, in fact, the unity of the entire capitalist class, all its factions and all its representatives against the Argentine proletariat.
Argentine Communist Party