Friday, March 15, 2024

Communist Party of Turkey: 14 Communist Principles for Municipal Elections

As the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) prepares for the local elections on March 31 (check out here TKP's major candidacies), it declares that it will act with the following principles wherever a communist municipality will be actualized:

  1. For communists, the main goal in municipalities is first and foremost to open channels for the people, who are becoming increasingly conscious of their organization, to participate in governance.

Wherever the communists assume authority, the people will have a say in the administration of the municipality through channels such as neighborhood, district, school, workplace representatives. The working people, who find more opportunities and platforms, will become more conscious to protect this position against the social system.

  1. Communist municipalities aim at the welfare and happiness of the working people.

Municipalities within the capitalist system focus on rent sharing. Communists, on the other hand, will start by dismantling the rent gangs clustered around the municipalities. Not a single capitalist or contractor will be able to use and benefit from the municipalities for their own interests. The only goal will be to improve the quality of life of working people. All activities of the municipality will be planned according to the needs of the people.

  1. All means will be mobilized to ensure that the working people have access to healthy and quality housing, transportation, education, cultural and recreational facilities.

The main goal will be to ensure that the working people have the right to live in healthy and sound housing, access to education, reliable mass transportation, and opportunities for vacation. Only the struggle of communists in municipalities can ensure that urban planning is based on public and environmental health, and that green areas are protected and developed against rent-seekers.

  1. Communist municipalities will act with the priority of fortifying our cities everywhere in our country, which is located in an earthquake zone.

It is the approach that prioritizes the profit greed of capitalists and contractors over the safety of the people that makes our cities vulnerable to earthquakes and other natural disasters. In order to fortify our cities against these disasters, looting will first be prevented, then resources will be allocated to strengthen existing settlements in line with a plan, and new settlements will be built in suitable areas in line with scientific data.

  1. The presence of communists in municipal governments means the development of a culture that strengthens collaboration and unity.

Creating environments where children, youth and adults can develop themselves together is one of the primary tasks of communists in municipalities. An easily accessible and widespread network of libraries, science centers for children and youth, theaters for plays that we will write and perform together, choirs and orchestras where we will learn and sing our songs, conference series on how to utilize scientific knowledge for the benefit of working people, and collective sportive activities will be the means to create this culture of common life.

  1. The work of communists in municipalities will also be a barrier against the spread of drug use.

Communists will take measures to protect our youth against the attacks of the capitalist system that leads the working people into drug use and all kinds of degeneration.

  1. Opportunities for women’s equality and freedom will be created.

It is the responsibility of communist municipalities to establish nurseries and kindergartens in neighborhoods, to support women’s participation in public spaces outside the home, and to protect them against violence.

Creating additional opportunities for the employment of women as workers with equal rights is of crucial importance for communists.

  1. Efforts will be carried out to protect and improve public health.

The basic health problems of the people; issues such as drinking water and food safety, school health, sports health, recycling, waste problems can only be secured if communists are effective in municipalities. Health units will be established in the municipalities and volunteer physicians and paramedics will take part in these units.

  1. The establishment of consumption and production cooperatives will make the working people’s lives more comfortable.

Only communists can encourage consumption cooperatives that will provide access to basic food and consumer goods in an affordable manner against the high costs created by supermarket chains and market relations, and production cooperatives that will support producers against production costs and ensure that they are paid for their labor, depending on the characteristics of the locality.

  1. Communist municipalities will not be a “company” that behaves like a “boss” towards workers.

Workers in communist municipalities will participate in decision-making and conditions will be fostered to ensure that municipal workers are a natural part of the struggle for common goals for the welfare of the people.

  1. Communists will put an end to the system of subcontracting in the municipalities, which has been imposed under the false pretense of service, but which is only aimed at the profits of the capitalists.

Communists will reject the subcontracting system that has prevailed in the municipalities in the last 30 years, and will put an end to all practices that turn municipal services into a profitable field of exploitation for business owners.

  1. Communists will not allow racism, religionism and sectarianism in municipalities.

There will be no room in communist municipalities for approaches that label our working people as second class according to their language, ethnicity or beliefs. Communists will not allow the abuse of religion in municipalities, will establish a secular style of administration, and will organize fraternity, peace and unity.

  1. Communist municipalities will be completely closed to direct or indirect financial support and interventions of international or domestic capital.

All kinds of economic, political and social interventions and initiatives carried out by domestic or foreign capital and some imperialist organizations under the names of projects, funds and similar names will not be allowed in communist municipalities.

  1. Communist municipalities are strongly linked to the future of society based on equality and freedom.

Communists, no matter in which province, district or municipality they are governing, will never forget that they are responsible for the whole country and all humanity, and that everything they do is meaningful only as part of the effort to enlighten the future of our country and the world.