Sunday, March 31, 2024

Dimitris Koutsoumbas: With a stronger KKE in Greece and abroad, for a great pan-European counterattack

Speaking in Nicosia, Cyprus on Sunday, the General Secretary of the CE of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Dimitris Koutsoumbas, called for strengthening of the Party in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

"With a much stronger KKE much stronger in Greece and abroad, let's trumpet a pan-European counterattack! Let's send the appropriate message to the EU of brutality: A stronger KKE and bigger mass counter-attack struggles for the right of the peoples," he stressed. 

"Only with hundreds of thousands of KKE ballots at the polls on June 9 can the mass condemnation of the anti-popular policy of the EU, the ND government, and all other parties that serve the few and crush people's rights be expressed," he added.

Koutsoumbas reminded that, from the first moment, the KKE revealed the truth about the character of the EU as "a transnational imperialist union, a prison of the peoples, which only gets worse and cannot be changed in their favor".

He added that the EU "is not the one that will ensure peace in Europe, and in our wider neighborhood", emphasizing that it is "the exact opposite” that is happening.

The General Secretary continued by saying that the KKE has been leading since last October "the mass mobilizations of the Greek people against the crime, the genocide of the Palestinian people by the State of Israel, with the good graces of the USA and the EU and highlighted "the actual goals of the Israeli leadership".

"We condemned the stance of the Greek ND government and the other parties, which not only condone the crimes of Israel, but support the deeper involvement of Greece, all these years on the side of the executioner of the people of Palestine. And they don't even care about the fact that by supporting the occupier of the Palestinian land, they also legitimize any other occupier, such as Turkey in the case of Cyprus...", he stressed.

Secretary Koutsoumbas referred to the country's "involvement in the imperialist plans of NATO-US-EU" from the Red Sea to Ukraine, noting that "the "bill", one way or another, will end up on the people's shoulders, who will "tighten" once again the "belt" to prepare the EU for a more generalized conflict, which the people will again pay, this time with a much heavier price than the financial one".

He noted that all this is happening at a time "when Turkey's leadership is questioning the borders, the sovereignty of Greek islands, in essence claiming a change of borders, conducting surveys on the Greek continental shelf, using threats for drilling. Overall, it utilizes its economic and military force and displays its power in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean."

He also emphasized that "the enlargement of the American bases in Greece and the "big allies" USA, NATO and the EU" aren't  a factor in containing Turkish aggression.

"Our Party highlights that the Greek and Turkish people already share many sufferings from the relations of competition and cooperation of the bourgeois classes of the two countries: capitalist exploitation, energy poverty, insecurity for the future of their children. In order to prevent them from adding more miseries, we are coordinating our fight together with the Communist Party of Turkey against all those that give birth to them, against the bourgeois classes, the anti-people policies of the governments and their political representatives, the imperialist alliances of NATO and the EU he added. As he underlined, "no NATO settlement in Greek-Turkish can guarantee the peace and security of the people, as it has not guaranteed it for so many years, since 1952, when the two countries are together in NATO, or in the case of the tragedy of Cyprus".

"The history of the Cyprus issue is linked to the efforts of the USA, Britain and NATO to include the island in their geostrategic plans in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and beyond" said D. Koutsoumbas.

Concerning the Cyprus Issue, the General Secretary stated that for the KKE "first of all it is a matter of principle to condemn the Turkish invasion-occupation, to highlight the international character of the problem, to show international solidarity to the people of Cyprus".

He recalled the KKE's opposition both to the "unacceptable, dichotomous and unsustainable "Annan Plan" as well a s to the position for "a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation which is evolving, in essence, into a dichotomous solution, in two constituent states".

"Our position is that the withdrawal of the occupying and other foreign military forces, the closing of the British bases is required. Cyprus needs a single sovereignty, a citizenship and an international personality: One state and not two states. And it is the struggle of the working class, of the popular strata with the goal of a Cyprus in which its people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites, Latins, will be the masters, that can carve out such a future, without foreign guarantors and protectors, and not dichotomous "solutions", which are "cooked" in the Euro-Atlantic staffs, underlined Secretary Koutsoumbas.

Referring to the European elections, he said that "the European contribution of the KKE will be unique and valuable for the Europe of popular movements, the resistance and counterattack of the peoples, the Europe of socialism".

"The KKE is the only party fighting to break the country's bonds from the EU, with the workers, the people really in power, with social ownership in the economy. That is precisely why it is of great importance that it is strengthened within the European Parliament. To spoil their soup of consensus, to reveal to the people what they are planning and voting for together in there, to be his own voice there too" he said.

"The KKE with its Euro-Parliamentary Group defended the working people's rights. It also distinguished the five years between the 2019 European elections from the pile of applauders, apologists and so-called "correctors" of the EU," he emphasized, while also explaining how EU politics strengthens the extreme right.

Dimitris Koutsoumbas called the Greeks who live abroad to strengthen the KKE in the upcoming European elections: “Let's go, then, to strengthen the KKE even more! For a great pan-European counterattack! Break the bonds of the EU! For Greece and the Europe of Socialism, the Europe of the workers, the farmers, the peoples!".