Tuesday, August 8, 2023

KKE: Statement on the murder of 29-year-old man by Croatian fascist hooligans in Athens

The spot where the AEK fan was murdered.
A 29-year-old Greek man died yesterday after being stabbed during violent incidents caused by far-right Dinamo Zagreb fans outside AEK FC stadium in Nea Filadelfia, Athens. 
At least 10 persons were wounded, one of them being in serious condition. The events took place a day before the Champions League qualifier game between AEK Athens and Dinamo Zagreb, which has now been postponed.

Greek Police headquarters said that 98 people had been detained and an investigation launched to find all parties responsible and shed light on all aspects of the case. It noted that alongside the 100-120 Croatian hooligans, there were also Greek supporters acting as their accomplices.

In a statement about the tragic incident, the Press Office of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) stresses out (here in Greek):

“The murder of the young AEK supporter following last night's attack in Nea Filadelfia by organized group of fascist hooligans from Croatia – operating under the guise of football fans – and who, as evidence shows, were in collaboration with Greek hooligans, provokes outrage to the people, to all fans.

The government bears huge responsibilities for this case. It is responsible for the fact that organized Croatian hooligans traveled by road, were armed and arrived undisturbed at AEK stadium, even when the mobilization of organized supporters has been prohibited.

The government considers as “reasonable” to ban workers' gatherings because they supposedly “disrupt economic and social life”, but lets armed fascists hooligans to murder and destroy! The minimum and obvious thing that must be done at this moment is the postponement of today's game and the severe punishment of the guilty ones”.