Monday, August 21, 2023

Ireland: Communist Party condemns government's decision to provide weapons training to Ukraine

In a statement the Communist Party of Ireland denounces the Irish government's decision to provide weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"The Communist Party of Ireland condemns the government’s decision ordering Irish troops to provide weapons training to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

This decision dangerously increases Irish involvement in the war and is another calculated attack on Irish neutrality.  We call on the Irish government to immediately rescind this decision and instead to add its voice to the majority of the world's nations that have called for a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement. 

The Irish government should be advocating for a ceasefire, in line with the position of the majority of UN member states. What is needed is a de-escalation, rather than contributing to the escalation and prolongation of this destructive and senseless war.  

This decision once again highlights how Irish foreign policy is dictated by the needs of imperialism and does not reflect the wishes of the majority of the people of Ireland, who support a negotiated settlement to the war."

Jimmy Corcoran

General Secretary."