Saturday, June 17, 2023

New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN): Stop involving the Netherlands in imperialist wars!

In a statement, the International Committee of the New Communist Party of the Netherlands (Nieuwe Communistische Partij van Nederland - NCPN) points out:

"According to NOS (Dutch state media), part of the bourgeois political top in The Hague has known for a year about the heavy suspicions against the Ukrainian government for blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The Dutch military intelligence service (MIVD) warned the US intelligence agency (CIA) a year ago that there were plans from Ukraine to blow up the gas pipeline. The consequences of blowing up the Nord Stream have been very detrimental, including for the Dutch working class. 

Despite all this, the Dutch government continues to send huge amounts (23 billion euros by 2023) for military and other purposes to Ukraine. The Netherlands is also participating in NATO's largest ever air exercise as a dress rehearsal for a further escalation of the conflict with Russia. The NCPN strongly condemns these developments.

This war revolves around the violent competition between the Euro-Atlantic imperialist bloc and imperialist Russia, vying among themselves for control of raw materials, markets and spheres of influence. Only the capitalists much to gain from war. The Dutch bourgeoisie, together with NATO and the EU, are putting the population at great risk with their warmongering plans. It is the population that pays the price for the capitalists' conflict. Thousands are being killed and millions displaced. The way out for the working class and other oppressed sections of the population lies not in choosing between one imperialist or the other, but in fighting the capitalist class that are causing these criminal wars.

That is why the NCPN says:

- Stop any participation of the Netherlands in imperialist war

- No Dutch armed forces outside our country's borders

- Stop sanctions against Russia, which have very detrimental effects on the working class, including in the Netherlands

- An “exit” of the Netherlands out of imperialist alliances such as NATO and EU, which must be accompanied by a fight against capitalism and for socialism"

NCPN International Committee. /