Saturday, June 24, 2023

Rabid anti-communist Putin likens Wagner rebellion to the 1917 October Revolution

In his today's statement over the ongoing developments in Russia, President Vladimir Putin went so far as to liken the stance of Wagner private army and its leader Prigozhin with the 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution!

Once again,  President Putin has chosen to make absolutely clear that anti-communism is a key element of the Russian government's policy. 
Who forgets Putin's hideously slanderous attacks against Vladimir Lenin and his even more vicious comments against the legacy of Joseph Stalin? 
During the last year of the imperialist war in Ukraine, the Russian authorities have invoked the glorious past of the Soviet Union, including its symbols, in order to camouflage the aims of the Russian oligarchy under the cloak of “patriotism” and attract the support of working class masses.

But, actually, everyone knows that today's Russian bourgeoisie and Putin himself participated in the overthrow of socialism in the former USSR. They are responsible for the restoration of capitalist barbarism in Russia, as well as for the misery that the imperialist war brings to the people of the country.

By likening the far-right Wagner mercenaries and their intra-bourgeois conflict with Kremlin with the heroic Bolsheviks, Putin, the political child of counterrevolutionaries Gorbachev, Sobchak and Yeltsin, confirms that he is a rabid anti-communist. This a common characteristic he shares with the reactionary regime in Kiev. 

In the end of the day, it seems that the “spectre of communism” never left Moscow, despite the very negative correlation of forces and the tons of anti-communist propaganda spread by the capitalists and their political puppets.