Thursday, June 9, 2022

Sweden: Communist Party was denied the right to use its name in the elections

More than 170 years since the publication of the Manifesto of the Communist Party by Marx and Engels, the "spectre of communism" still haunts the bourgeois class.

The news come from Sweden, the country which alongside Finland submitted an application to join NATO, where the Communist Party cannot participate in September elections under its own name! In a communique, the Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) points out:
“Earlier in the spring, our party received a message from the Election Authority that our electoral designation which we had used in the last four elections – the Communist Party of Sweden – could no longer be used. Despite the fact that the conditions were the same throughout this period, the Election Authority stated as a justification that the name was... similar to another party's registered designation – a party that does not even participate in the parliamentary elections”.

The Party – the statement reads – immediate filled an appeal in order to make the Election Authority to reconsider its decision. The Communist Party had participated in previous elections under its own name, which is fully registered. However, the Authority provided a negative response, stating the same reasons about the existence of another party with a similar name.

“Thus, our party was denied the right to participate in the elections with its own name. We can't see this as anything other than a sabotage action and attack on our right to take part in the elections”, reads the communique.

After months of bureaucratic confusion, the authorites informed the Communist Party that it can run under its initials – SKP.

On September 11, 2022, the workers, the people throughout Sweden will be able to vote for the Communists by choosing the ballot paper with the initials SKP and the sickle and hammer.