Saturday, September 25, 2021

Italy: Solidarity with Alitalia workers!

Hundreds of striking air workers blocked the highway to Rome's Fiumicino airport on Friday demonstrating against the government's plans to cut jobs in the transition between Alitalia and a new carrier dubbed ITA. 

Italian police forces responded with violence to the workers' protesting at the highway. 

Unions say that only 2,800 out of a total of nearly 11,000 employees of Alitalia will be immediately re-hired by ITA and that the labour contract offered by ITA will be less generous than the one of Alitalia.

"Alitalia workers are determined to carry on the fight until Altavilla (President of ITA) and the government withdraw and re-discuss the scandalous industrial plan presented in compliance with the wishes of Brussels and the ultraliberal doctrine of Draghi, not surprisingly honored with a standing ovation by the assembly of Confindustria", reads a statement by Unione Sindacale di Base (USB). 

"USB will never leave Alitalia workers alone, firmly asks for the protection of contracts and rights, starting with the full payment of wages, says no to Altavilla and his plan which is nothing more than a social experiment carried out by a company entirely public to dismantle the residual labor protections. The fight goes on", the statement concludes.