Monday, May 31, 2021

Biden follows Trump's criminal policy against Cuba

Five months after the governmental change in the United States and the Biden administration maintains the genocidal economic, financial and trade blockade against Cuba. Despite all challenges, Cuba has produced five vaccines that will soon be used in a mass vaccination of their people. 

Apart from the blockade, the Biden administration continues the criminal and shameful policy of its predecessor over the so-called "terrorism-sponsor" accusations against Cuba. 

On Tuesday May 22, the U.S. State Department announced that it will keep Cuba on the list of countries which do not fully cooperate in the fight against terrorism. Other countries that will be kept on this list include Venezuela, Iran, Syria and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla immediately denounced this U.S. move, pointing out that Cuba itself has  been the victim of more than 700 terrorist attacks originating in the United States. 

In a statement issued on May 27th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba points out:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects in the most categorical terms the determination made by the U.S. State Department that Cuba does not fully cooperate with U.S. anti-terrorism efforts, reported May 25, 2021 in the U.S. Federal Register.

The Donald Trump administration issued this same characterization June 2, 2020, as a preliminary step leading to the inclusion of Cuba on the State Department's list of states that allegedly sponsor international terrorism, which was made public on January 11, 2021, just days before the inauguration of President Joseph Biden, with the clear purpose of impacting the latter's conduct toward our country.

This is a totally unfounded accusation used for political purposes, in an attempt to justify aggression against Cuba, including the inhuman economic, commercial and financial blockade our people suffer.

The Ministry also rejects the unilateral and selective U.S. practice of singling out countries on arbitrary lists with respect to terrorism, which lack legitimacy and violate international law and the United Nations Charter.

Our country has been the victim of 713 terrorist attacks, in their majority organized, financed and executed by the U.S. government or individuals and organizations that are protected and act with impunity in U.S. territory. These acts have cost the lives of 3,478 Cuban citizens and disabled 2,099. Human and economic damages caused are estimated at 181 billion dollars.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalls the various attacks on Cuban personnel and representatives abroad, among them the machine-gunning of our Embassy in Washington DC on April 30, 2020, which endangered the lives and safety of the diplomatic mission’s staff. The government of the United States has not yet publicly acknowledged the terrorist nature of that attack.

Cuba's Constitution codifies our repudiation and condemnation of terrorism in all of its forms and manifestations. Our nation has maintained a transparent and impeccable attitude in the fight against terrorism, and has expressed its willingness to cooperate with U.S. authorities as it does with other countries. The U.S. government is well aware of this. There are concrete examples of this willingness, within the framework of existing bilateral instruments and in accordance with international law. We maintain our commitment to the peace process in Colombia, despite being the victim of repeated politically motivated acts of animosity and dishonesty.

The administration of President Joseph Biden has stated publicly that although Cuba is not a priority issue, a review process of the policy toward our country is underway.

If Cuba is not a priority and this review has not been concluded, how can the State Department explain the unfounded and fallacious singling out of our country with respect to the issue of terrorism; how can it justify maintaining the 243 unilateral coercive measures adopted by the Trump administration, which include increased financial persecution and other measures of an extraterritorial nature?

The Secretary of State should acknowledge that it has been U.S. authorities who have refused to cooperate with Cuba in confronting terrorism, a duly documented fact. The U.S. government has never returned to our country a single fugitives from Cuban justice, nor have any ever been prosecuted for the crimes and terrorist acts committed against our people and citizens of other countries.

The inclusion of Cuba on the list of countries which "do not fully cooperate" with U.S. efforts against terrorism is an irresponsible and shameful act.

Cuba will not alter its commitment to peace and will continue its efforts in the struggle against terrorism.

Havana, May 27, 2021.