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Stepan Malentsov elected new First Secretary of the Russian Communist Workers’ Party-CPSU

Stepan S. Malentsov is the new First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Workers' Party (RCWP-CPSU) as it was decided at the XII (XXII) Congress that took place in Moscow. 
Born in 1962, a mechanical engineer by profession, Malentsov is a long-time trade unionist and member of the Political Council of "Rot Front". He replaces Viktor Tyulkin in the position of the First Secretary.

Below you can read a report regarding the XII (XXII) Congress of RCWP-CPSU:

Information on the XII (XXII) Congress of Russian Communist Workers’ Party -CPSU

XII (XXII) Congress of RCWP – CPSU was held on April 24-25 in Gorki Leninskiye museum, Moscow region.

102 delegates from 47 regional party organizations took part in the work of the congress. There were also present more than 20 guests. Among the guests were comrades S.A. Alexandrov - the 1st Secretary of CPSU CC and comrade Y.N. Dobry – the Head of Workers’ Organizations Committee of the Lugansk People’s Republic. They greeted the Congress and wished the delegates all success. There were also a number of greeting messages from brotherly communist organizations. A new issue of theoretical magazine by RCWP “Soviet Union” (#29) was issued for the occasion.

The 1st Secretary of the RCWP CC Stepan S. Malentsov made the summary report on behalf of the Central Committee. The report of the Control and Audit Commission was presented by its Chairwoman Raisa B. Kuznetsova.

Delegates of the Congress had also an opportunity to listen to alternative reports reflecting special position by a group of party members who had created within RCWP their own “platform” (comrades Alexander K. Cherepanov and Valery N. Turulo)

The first day of the Congress was marked by very animated discussion and by extremely acute division of opinions. After a really heated discussion, and sharp criticism by the rest of the delegates accusing the “platformists” of a petty-bourgeois bias, a group of delegates (some 30 people) sharing the views of the “platform” and representing regional party organizations of Tyumen, Kirov and Voronezh defiantly left the Congress and announced their intentions to set up their own “party”.

The Congress characterized this move as the process of strengthening the party by way of ideological and organizational disengagement with unstable elements. The majority of the delegates representing 43 regional organizations went on working. There took place animated and constructive exchange of opinions on the prospects of RCWP and on the tasks of strengthening the party and the promotion of workers’ class struggle. More than 40 delegates representing regional organizations made their speeches. In the reports they shared their experience of organizing class struggle locally, expressed their views and approaches to current and future strategic tasks. In particular, they assessed the position of the “platform” as a manifestation of right bias in the party. There took place exchange of opinions on the ways to increase effectiveness of ideological-theoretical training of the party members so that to avoid similar events in the future, all this using the experience of Bolsheviks and the decisions of the X Congress of RKP(b) held I 1921.

The Congress adopted two important documents: resolution “On the unity of the party” and the “Ruling on the summary report”.

Based on suggestions sent to the Organizational Department of the Central Committee and taking into consideration their political and professional record, there were elected new members of the Central Committee and the Central Control and Audit Commission. Greetings from brotherly parties from various countries were read to the delegates of the Congress.

The work of the Congress was completed by collective singing of the International.

On finishing the work of the Congress there were held organizational plenary meetings of the newly elected Central Committee and the Central Control and Audit Commission of RCWP.

Comrade Stepan S. Malentsov was elected the 1st Secretary of the Central Committee. The following comrades were elected Secretaries of CC and members of the Political Council: Vadim A. Aliabiev – Secretary for party-organizational issues; Viktor A. Tyulkin – Secretary for international affairs and general issues, Iliya L. Ferberov – Secretary for ideological issues, Alexander N. Nikolaev – Secretary for workers’ and protest movement, Alexander S. Batov – Secretary for agitation and propaganda issues.

There were also elected Chief Editors of the party newspapers “Trudovaya Rossiya” (V.A. Tyulkin) and “Mysl” (N.O. Glagoleva)

Raisa B. Kuznetsova was elected Chairwoman of the Central Control Audit Commission.

XII (XXII) Congress of RCWP has adopted measures to strengthen the organization our party and to maintain its orthodox Marxist-Leninist nature.

Press center of RCWP-CPSU CC

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