Wednesday, April 14, 2021

KKE: The supporters of the Nazis are not welcome in Crete

A paratroopers organization known as "European Paratroopers Association" purportedly planned to hold a "commemorative event" in honor of the Nazi troops who parachuted into the island of Crete on May 1941. 

The event, which is allegedly scheduled to take place on May 17-23, 2021, in Crete was published in the group's website under the title "Kreta Memorial, decorated with the Nazi "Iron Cross" and accompanied by the following outrageous remarks: "It has been exactly 80 years since the III Reich Elite Troops jumbed and conquered the island of Crete. We will never forget their valor."  

The so-called "European Paratroopers Association" is an international paramilitary organization based in Salerno, Italy and also maintains an Airborne school in Slovakia.  The "Association" presents itself as a non-governmental, non-profit organization of active, reserve and retired military parachutists, with its membership consistsing mostly of active, reserve and retired soldiers of European Union, NATO and friendly countries' armed forces. 

An interesting fact is that the "Association" claims that it has been recognized as an official NATO supplier (NCAGE code AN876).

The revelation of the despicable "commemorative event" in Greek news sites and social media caused public outrage. A few hours later the invitation for the "Kreta Memorial" event disappeared from the group's site, while the Association's Facebook Page is hidden from public view. 

The supporters of the Nazis are not welcome in our island

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Party Organization of Crete of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) strongly denounced the hideous provocation highlighting the responsibilities of the government and local authorities. 

The statement reads:

“The announcement concerning the despicable event, planned by the organization “European Paratroopers Association”, to honor the Nazi parachutists on the anniversary of the heroic battle of Crete consists a provocation for the anti-fascist conscience of Cretan people who faced atrocities and were sacrificed in the altar of the heroic anti-fascist people's struggle.

What is even more provocative is the fact that this specific organization seems to be officially part of the “reserves” of the EU and NATO military forces and even its president and other members belong to the active military personnel of EU member-states. Furtheremore, it seems that it is not the first time that they organize similar fiestas in the context of celebrations for the Battle of Crete and under the tolerance of governments and local bodies.

Once again, the government, the bourgeois parties, the regional and municipal authorities of the island which support to the max the activity of European and NATO murderers in the region and provide them with facilities for the operation of the Souda base and many other installations thus putting our people in serious danger, are exposed.

This stance, combined with promotion of a series of reactionary EU programmes that whitewash fascism, the support for pro-Nazi governments in the Baltics and other European countries, the unacceptable harboring of Nazi MEP – and former Golden Dawn member – Lagos, as well as the implementation of educational programmes like “Memories of Occupation in Greece”, are actions that embolden every kind of Nazis' descendants.

The government and the Region of Crete must assume their responsibilities. We call the unions and all popular organizations to strongly declare that the Nazi supporters are unwanted in our island. We must not let the praisers of Hitlers and nazis to poison the people's conscience with fascist hatred, the criminal nazi ideology which by its very nature hates the people's movement”.

Other organizations of the popular movement, including the National Union of Fighters of the National Resistance and the Democratic Army of Greece (PEAEA-DSE), released statements condemning the shameful event and called the people of Crete to protest against it. 

Just for the record, the Battle of Crete which started on May 20 and ended on June 1, 1941, has been dubbed “The Graveyard of the Fallshirmjager” (German parachutists known as ”Sky Hunters”). Nearly 4,000 German troops were killed and 1,500 wounded in the first three days of the assault.