Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Spain Elections: Vote for PCTE, the strongest communist candidacy! (+Video)

On the occasion of November 10 general elections in Spain, the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE) issued an informational statement regarding its electoral campaign. 

PCTE is the strongest communist candidacy in these elections, given the fact that no other list with the hammer and sickle will participate in more constituencies. The Party's electoral program has been published in various idioms, including Castellano and Catalan.

The Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE) is running for the elections on November 10 under the slogan “Choose what is necessary. For a country for the working class”. In  this  context  of  the  failure  of  social-democracy,  the  participation  of  our  Party  in  the new elections will be greater than in the previous call of April. 

Despite the difficulties that the Spanish electoral legislation establishes for parties without parliamentary representation, for the November Elections we will be present in 37 provinces, 10 more than in April, thus giving the opportunity to vote for the PCTE to the 72% of the total voters of the country.

This advance in the electoral participation of our Party confirms again, and more clearly than in April, that the PCTE is the strongest communist candidacy in Spain, given that no other list with the hammer and sickle will be present in more constituencies.

The time to opt for what is possible is over, it is time to choose what is necessary. In capitalism, resigning ourselves to choose what they present to us as the only one possible condemns us to more violence, more unemployment and more exploitation. Because the interests that rule are  the interests of the capitalists and the businessmen.

What is necessary is to build a completely different country: a country for the working class, in which the interests that will govern will be those of the working majority. A country for the working class that will not be reached through parliamentary maneuvers or elections, but that begins to be built when the Communist Party, the workers' party, is a force capable of opposing the capitalists and their representatives in all fields, also in the parliamentary.

What is necessary, for our people, is more organization. To unite in workplaces, in the neighborhoods and towns, in front of those who steal us the future. What is necessary, for our people, is more struggle. May our union be to assert our interests against those of the exploiters. 

To build this country, what is necessary is more Communist Party. In this campaign, the PCTE has performed many events in different cities of the country, and has planned many more until Friday 8.