Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hands Off the Communist Youth of Venezuela!

JCV member Jose Daniel Ramos.
¡Manos fuera de la Juventud Comunista de Venezuela!

On Wednesday 13 November a group of hooded thugs entered the premises of the Bolivarian University in Caracas during the elections of the students council that was taking place.  The unknown men cowardly attacked members of the Communist Youth of Venezuela (Juventud Comunista de Venezuela), including José Daniel Ramos member of its National Directorate and a candidate for the students' council. 

In a statement, the Communist Youth (JCV) demanded from the authorities to investigate the incident and bring to justice the offenders and the instigators of the attack. 

The incident has been denounced by the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) which expresses its full internationalist solidarity to the Venezuelan comrades. In a statement published on 902 portal, the International Relations Section of the CC of KNE points out among other things:

"This thuggish act is added to the long list of attacks against the country's communists, the pioneer of the working class, the Communist Party of Venezuela and its youth wing. The attack comes at a time when the overall attack against the rights of the people and youth in a number of Latin American countries, in Venezuela, in Bolivia, in Ecuador, in Chile is intensifying. The people of Venezuela and Bolivia are in the crosshairs of imperialist aggression, they are targets of US-inspired coups against their will".

KNE "condemns the attack and expresses its full solidarity to the Venezuelan comrades who are fighting hard for the interests of the working class and the country's people. We support the righteous demands of the people of Latin America who are on militant mobilizations. Hands Off the Communists! Solidarity to the people and the youth of Venezuela and Bolivia who are fighting against imperialist aggression and coup attempts. Solidarity to the people and the youth of Chile and Ecuador who fight against the anti-people plans of their governments!".