Saturday, September 28, 2019

Communist youth organizations condemn the EU Parliament's anti-communist resolution

After an initiative by the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), numerous communist youth organization around the world have signed a joint resolution in which the condemn the recent despicable anti-communist resolution adopted by the European Parliament. 

As 902 portal reports, the joint declaration of the communist youth organizations, among other things, expresses condemnation towards the EU Parliament's resolution because it "promotes the equation of communism with fascism, in fact exonerating the fascists and their activity".

The joint resolution of the communist youth parties points out that the EU Parliament's decision "get to the point where it distorts History, by characterizing the Soviet Union and the Red Army, which gave more than 20 million dead people in the fight for the crash of nazism, as "an ally and collaborator of Nazi Germany"". 

The resolution declares that "the future cannot be forbidden! The future of the youth is Socialism!" and adds: 

"No matter how many resolutions and decisions the European Union will adopt, we are ready to turn their nightmares into reality. Anti-communism and the distortion of History shall not pass! The historical truth will smash the lies and the provocations". 

Until now, the resolution has been signed by 36 youth communist organizations, which also participated at the 45th KNE-Odigitis festival in Athens. They are the following:

- Communist Youth of Albania "Qemal Stafa".
- Communist Youth of the Algerian Party of Democracy and Socialism.
- Communist Youth of Austria.
- Communist Youth of Belgium.
- Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV). 
- Young Communist League, YCL Britain.
- Socialist German Workers' Youth.
- Communist Youth of Greece (KNE).
- Jordanian Democratic Youth Union.
- Workers' Party Youth, Ireland.
- Communist Youth Union of Spain.
- Collectives of Young Communists, Spain.
- Union of Communist Youth, Israel.
- Front of Communist Youth, Italy.
- Youth of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan.
- New Socialists of the Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia.
- United Democratic Youth Organisation (EDON), Cyprus.
- Young Communists Federation, Mexico.
- Youth Union of Bangladesh.
- Youth Federation of Nepal.
- All-Nepal National Independent Union of Students.
- Progressive Union of Youth and Students, South Korea.
- Youth of the Hungarian Workers' Party.
- Youth of the Communist Party of Pakistan.
- Youth of the People's Party of Palestine.
- Portuguese Communist Youth.
- Youth of the Socialist Party of Romania.
- Revolutionary Communist Youth Union (Bolsheviks), Russia.
- Leninist Communist Youth Union of the Russian Federation (LKSM RF).
- League of Young Communists of Yugoslavia, Serbia.
- Socialist Youth Union, Sri Lanka.
- Socialist Youth of Students, Sri Lanka.
- Syrian Communist Youth Union - Khaled Bagdash Youth.
- Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG).
- Communist Youth Union, Czech Republic- Youth of the Communist Workers' Party of Finland.

Other youth organizations, which did not participate at the KNE-Odigitis festival, have also endorsed the resolution:

- Union of Communist Youth, France.
- League of Young Communists, United States.
- Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth.
- Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands.
- Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine.
- Palestinian Communist Youth.
- Youth of the Communist Party of Poland.