Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Turkish communists on New Zealand massacre: "Racism and capitalism will be defeated"

Regarding the massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued, on March 16th, the following statement:
Yesterday there had been a brutal massacre killing 49 people in New Zealand.  It became clear by his messages that, the assailant had been in a sick hatred and he been preparing for the attack beforehand.
This increasing racism, anti-immigrant hatred and as witnessed in the last incident, a fascist delusion all around the world, is the reflection of capitalism's deadlock. 
Capitalism, which is incapable of embracing the people and has lost its mechanisms of convincing people in all countries, is in crisis. Fed by racism, hatred and terror, it divides the working classes over ethnicity and religion, and tries to prolong its survival in this way. The fact that the video footage of the massacre by the assailant was shared for hours, was also not for nothing. While on one side, these massacres are happening, on the other side the neo-nazis and all type of fascist movements are receiving patronage in imperialist countries, even participating in the parliaments. 

Such attacks, no matter under which costume, are weapons at their hands to be used against the working people.
The pragmatism of Turkey's reactionist government, by commissioning itself and making use of the massacre in New Zealand in order to loosen its own jam, is disgusting. Any response that does not support unconditional equality and fraternity of people, that does not fight against imperialism and the reign of the capital, is neither real nor sincere.
Communist Party of Turkey extends condolences for the relatives of the lost ones and expresses deep solidarity with the injured. The racism, fundamentalism and capitalism will lose, humanity will triumph.