Monday, July 8, 2024

Koutsoumbas on French Elections: "The regroupment of the movement in France, Greece and across Europe is the only way that can generate hope to the people"

In a statement (here in Greek) concerning the result of the French legislative elections and the electoral victory of the "New Popular Front" (Nouveau Front Populaire), the General Secretary of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Dimitris Koutsoumbas, stresses out:

"(What we are witnessing is) a repetition of the same project, with the protagonists of the anti-popular governments of recent years who have been condemned in the consciousness of the French people, with the only thing being certain is that again - in the name of "democracy" and of the "lesser evil" - will fuel a new vicious cycle of frustrations and conservatism.

It is no coincidence that all mainstream media in Europe, especially in France and Greece, defiantly call the main party of social democracy "Left" ("New Popular Front"), while at the same time there is a deafening silence on the perennial role of social democracy on the stability and defense of the barbaric and rotten system. This is a deliberate obfuscation of reality. After all, the dominant bourgeois treatment of Le Pen did not concern or aim so much at the essence of her political line as at the efforts to renovate a bankrupt social democracy.

The regroupment the movement in France, Greece and across Europe and strengthening the current of questioning mainstream politics is the only way that can generate hope to the people and really block the way to the reactionary far-right forces which are another reserve of the system. It is the only way to turn popular discontent towards anti-popular governments and the EU into a force for upliftment, overthrow and actual progress".


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