Wednesday, May 8, 2024

European Communist Action: Statement on the 79 years of the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples

Statement of the European Communist Action on the 79 years of the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples
Today we commemorate 79 years of the Day of the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples on the 9th of May 1945. We remember and express our gratitude to the heroic Red Army, the Soviet people and the resistance movements who fought and sacrificed themselves against fascism, against the most barbaric form of capitalism. Against the organized operation by the monopolies, by the bourgeois class to attack the power of the working class and the communists.
Even though the Euro-atlantic capitalist class have tried to distort history, by claiming it was the United States that defeated fascism, the facts do not leave any room for doubt that it was the Soviet Union that freed Europe of its fascist occupier and aggressor. Between 20 and 27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives, including between 8 and 12 million Soviet soldiers. It is this immense sacrifice, unparalleled in world history, that brought Nazi fascism to its knees. It was the Soviet Union that defeated Nazi fascism, and later also Japanese fascism. It was they who, like Atlas, bore the weight of the world on their shoulders and had to go through hell for it. It was their brains and muscles, the Soviet citizens, who initiated the process of victory and liberation from fascism as early as 1942 in the great Battle of Stalingrad.

The lies and slander spread by the ideologues of the ruling class erase from history not only the historical deeds of the Soviet Union, but also the thousands of communist and partisans that all over the world gave their lives by going into the resistance against fascism.

At the same time, the "ex-fascists" in Western Europe obtained high positions in the EU and NATO, and fascist groups and states were secretly armed and internationally supported by, among others, NATO and the US.

It is the same ruling class and their governments that provocatively attempt to compare and equate the youth of the world, communism, with the monster of fascism, with the aim to suppress communists and their parties all over the world and conceal that there is a way out from capitalist barbarity for the peoples that fight: the new, socialist society.

The European Union, the imperialist union which has anti-communism as its official ideology, and governments in several of its member states ban and persecute Communist Parties with the provocative claim that their actions “incite dissent”. They spread the same decayed ideas, through unhistorical resolutions that falsify the historical truth of the Second World War, which is drenched in the blood of the peoples, in order to attack the Soviet Union and attempt to alter the character of 9 May, the Day of the Anti-Fascist Victory, by renaming it “Europe Day”.

But it is clear to any person who seeks the historical truth that it is the capitalist mode of production that breeds the fascist hordes that have lead to the death and oppression of millions of peoples throughout history. This conclusion is of great importance so that we can struggle against fascism today and against the system that gives rise to and nourishes it.

So long as capitalism exists, the threat of fascism will be present. The need for a class oriented opposition against fascism remains, therefore, relevant as ever. The notorious rise of the far-right in Europe is a convenient opponent for the bourgeois classes and the EU, promoting a useful reserve for the system in the framework of the anti-popular bourgeois management, to attack the rights of the working class and ensure the perpetuation of the domination of the monopolies. The EU, which is allegedly a vigorous opponent of the far-right, is competing with the latter in anti-communism and  reactionary measures, such as those jointly promoted by the far-right governments of Meloni and Orban against refugees and migrants with the new inhuman “Pact on Immigration and Asylum”. At the same time, they persecute the peoples, the students and the youth who persistently and militantly denounce the genocide of the Palestinian people by the occupying state of Israel.

Understanding the true meaning of the 9th of May is also important in the struggle against the imperialist war that is being waged between the EU-USA-NATO and capitalist Russia. The ECA parties oppose and condemn the great responsibilities of the Euro-antlantic forces of capital for the support they provide to the reactionary Zelenskiy regime and the Nazi Azov Battalion as well as the involvement of the bourgeois governments of our countries providing equipment, funds, bases and other facilities. At the same time, the ECA parties oppose and condemn the great responsibilities of imperialist Russia and its ruling class, that abuses the glorious deeds of the Red Army and the Soviet Union, and utilizes the symbols of the Great Anti-fascist Victory to legitimize its imperialist wars, while utilizing fascist military units and gangs on the front. Those that support the imperialist invasion of Ukraine under the guise of ‘denazification’ and compare this war with the struggle of the Soviet Union against fascism, are deluding the peoples and turn against them in order to support the interests of the bourgeois classes.

A day like today, when we commemorate and celebrate the victory over Nazi fascism, also serves to underscore this importance. Namely, that a struggle against fascism can only be successful when it is a struggle against the capitalist system, against the bourgeois classes, their interests and competition, in favour of the struggle of the working class, for socialism-communism. History shows this.

We are inspired and we intensify our struggles for the righteous cause of the working class, for socialism. We condemn anti-communism. We oppose imperialist wars and the involvement of our countries. We give a decisive response to the anti-communist mechanisms of the transnational imperialist union of the EU and the bourgeois governments, to all kinds of bourgeois and opportunist revisers of history, the dangerous vehicles of the equation of communism with the fascist monster.  The peoples of Europe should weaken the parties that support the EU and its policies, that support the war and defend the interests and the EU one-way street of capital and the so-called democratization of the EU.

The support for the Communist and Workers’ Parties in the daily struggles, in all political battles and in the run-up to the European elections is the only real mainstay for the people that will be put to good use.

For the reinforcement of the struggle for a Europe of the peoples’ prosperity, peace, social justice, socialism!