Thursday, January 18, 2024

"European Historical Consciousness", or EU's deplorable attempt to equate Communism with Nazism

By Nikos Mottas

The European Parliament has never ceased being an endless source of anti-communist propaganda. Having adopted anti-communism as its official ideology, the EU and its institutions relentlessly continue the attempt to re-write history by promoting the deeply unscientific and unhistorical theory of "the two extremes".

More specifically, according to a recent statement by the Europarliament Group of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), the EU Parliament published a report on “European historical consciousness”, in which it “acknowledges the crimes committed by Nazi, fascist and communist totalitarian regimes as well as under colonialism...”! 

Through this reference, the EU escalates even further its attempt to equate communism not only with the monster of nazism, but also with imperialist oppression and slavery (colonialism) exercised by the capitalist states of Europe and the United States!

The report also underlines “the role these crimes have played in shaping historical perceptions in Europe”, as a ‘negative foundation myth’ and provide a strong sense of purpose for the European peace project”! Once again, the EU resorts to lies and falsifications. What kind of “peace” are they talking about? 

The working people in Europe know very well the price of the so-called "European peace project", which is based on the advancement of monopoly capital and the continuous exploitation of the masses. The people in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Ukraine and the Balkans have experienced the “European peace project”: In Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Ukraine, Sahel, Libya and elsewhere, the consequences of EU's "democratic values" have been paid dearly with blood and destruction.

The “European historical consciousness” report adds that “there is no single monolithic, indisputable and everlasting ‘historical truth’”. But then, why does the EU spends millions in anti-communist “educational” programmes, in an effort to brainwash the younger generations? Why does EU institutions organize unhistorical fiestas, like the “Black Ribbon Day” (23rd August), in order to vilify communism.

The EU establishes “memorial days against totalitarianism” in order to hide that the only existing totalitarianism is the one of capitalist barbarity. Behind the rhetoric about “democracy” and “human rights”, the EU hides its participation in imperialist crimes, wars and interventions. It also hides that in some countries, Communist Parties have been banned and the activity of the communists has been criminalized!

The EU institutions, including the EU Parliament, bear immense responsibility for the rise of far-right and neo-fascist forces throughout Europe, alongside the deplorable glorification of Nazi collaborators that takes place in the Baltic states, Poland and other East European countries.

The peoples of Europe must draw valuable conclusions, especially in view of the upcoming EU elections on 6-9 June. EU’s anti-communism traditionally goes hand by hand with the intensification of the attack against workers’ rights; it is connected to the strengthening of repression mechanisms in every member-state.

Once again, let the EU imperialists and their stooges - conservatives, social democrats, liberals, etc) be aware: Anti-communism shall not pass! 

* Nikos Mottas is the Editor-in-Chief of In Defense of Communism.