Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Denmark's Communist Parties are being reunited

The two Communist Parties of Denmark (DKP and KPiD) issued a public statement announcing their reunification. The statement reads:

"Dear comrades

The 3rd of September this year an important event is taken place in Denmark. After being divided for 30 years Communist Party of Denmark and Communist Party in Denmark are being reunited. The historical force that defined The Communist Party of Denmark since its founding in 1919 are forming the framing for the reunited party. 

With the collective experience in the workers movement and the class struggle the two parties will reunite its forces and experiences because Denmark needs a strong communist party that can be defining in the workers movement and the class struggle.

We would therefore appreciate very much if our international comrades will send a letter of greeting on the occasion of the reunification of the two parties. You can send your greetings to

Long live international solidarity!

Comradely greetings,

Martin Minka Jensen,

International secretary
Communist Party of Denmark"