Monday, June 12, 2023

Italy's Communist Front on Berlusconi's death: "We will not mourn him"

"Non lo piangeremo" (We will not mourn him" is the message by the Communist Front (Fronte Comunista) of Italy on the death of former Prime Minister and business magnate Silvio Berlusconi. More specifically, the statement published on social media reads:

"On the day of his death, politicians and newspapers will speak of him as a statesman, an example of a great entrepreneur, a man in the service of the state.

But we remember well what Silvio Berlusconi represented: one of the most vehement promoters of the worst anti-popular policies, wars, privatizations, liberalizations and cuts in social spending in the last 30 years.

Among the richest men in our country, with his companies he has enriched himself on the backs of workers and at the expense of the community, building his political consensus on media power and becoming the bearer of a culture of careerism based on the most unbridled individualism and on the commodification of women.

A member of the Propaganda Due lodge and a visceral anti-communist, he dedicated his political career to dismantling the gains of the labor movement.

A "curriculum" made up of exploitation, ad personam laws, accusations of corruption, tax evasion, relations with organized crime and the fight against the rights and living conditions of the popular strata.

We will not mourn him."