Wednesday, August 25, 2021

All Greek governments supported the imperialist wars in Afghanistan, says KKE MEP

The hypocrisy of the U.S, NATO and EU, as well as the responsibilities of the Greek governments for the current situation in Afghanistan were highlighted by the Communist Party (KKE) MEP Kostas Papadakis during an interview on “Real FM” radio on Tuesday 24 August.

Papadakis, who is also a member of the Central Committee of the KKE, pointed out that those powers which today present Taliban as potential partners are the same ones which, some years ago, presented them as a threat and used them for reactionary changes against the Afghan people. The KKE MEP said that these powers financed and equipped Taliban in the war against the Soviet Union and the people's revolution in Afghanistan. 
He noted that in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, during the 1980-1989 period, numerous significant social achievements took place, including policies for the improvement of the situation of women. “Those who day sed crocodile tears for the rights of women must also remember what happened during the last 20 years with the imperialist occupation of Afghanistan”, the KKE cadre stressed out, reminding the rapid deterioration of women's rights.

The latest developments, Kostas Papadakis said, are part of the broader competitions between the imperialist powers, with the U.S. reorganizing its forces within the context of their confrontation and competition with China.

Regarding the stance of the Greek governments, he underlined that all of them, without exception, supported the imperialist wars in Afghanistan, both financially as well as providing military bases to NATO. As Papadakis said, in 2010 and 2011 the Greek state provided 7 million Euros for the interventions in Afghanistan while last year the current government gave 300,000 Euros while it allocated only 30 thousand Euros for the fire protection of Attica

The KKE MEP also denounced the hypocrisy of the EU on the issue of the refugees, pointing out that the Union's policy creates waves of refugee flows while, on the other hand, it intensifies repression against them, proceeds to mass deportations and entraps them in refugee "prison camps".