Sunday, October 25, 2020

Russia: Communists restored damaged monuments of Lenin

With the decisive intervention of communists and the local society two previously damaged monuments of Vladimir I. Lenin were restored in the Russian regions of Belgorod and Perm Krai. 

In the village of Gorki, Krasnensky District in Belgorod Region, a bust of Lenin which was dismantled in 2013 by the local administration, was restored on October 23rd in a ceremony attended by cadres and supporters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF). 

“We have gathered today really for the sake of a holiday - the triumph of Soviet history, Soviet statehood,” Stanislav Panov, first secretary of the Belgorod regional branch of the Communist Party said, promising that the restoration and preservation of Soviet history will continue.

On the same day, in another part of Russia, in Krasnokamsk, Perm Krai, communists, workers and residents of the city participated in the restoration of a monument dedicated to the legendary Bolshevik revolutionary and founder of the Soviet Union. The monument had been dismantled in the past thus provoking the outrage of local society, while a survey showed that over 80% of the residents were in favor of Lenin monument's restoration.