Saturday, August 17, 2019

Festa do Avante! 2019: Portugal's communist festival to be held on 6-8 September in Lisbon

Between 6 and 8 of September 2019 the district of Seixal in Lisbon will host the famous "Festa do Avante!", the annual festival of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) also known as "Avante! Festival"

The story of "Avante!" Festival, which is named after the official newspaper of the Portuguese Communist Party, goes back to 1976 and since then has been a great cultural and political event that attracks young men and women from all over Portugal as well as international delegations from communist parties from around the world. 

The three-day (6,7,8 September) festival includes numerous activities, such as music concerts, political debates, various events about cinema (Cineavante), theatre (Avanteatro), gastronomy, books as well as sporting events. The festival is usually visited by hundreds of thousands of people, making the outside of the ground seem a gigantic camping park. 

You can reach more information (in portuguese) about the organization and events of "Avante! Festival" in the festival's official site at