Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Greece: Protest of KNE outside the Brazilian embassy for the disaster in Amazon

With a protest outside the Brazilian embassy in Athens, hundreds of members of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) raised their voice against the ecological disaster that is taking place in Amazonia. 

As 902.gr portal reports, the demonstrators beared pickets with slogans such as "their profits destroy our lives and the environment, lets stop them - lets overthrow them" and "neither Trump nor Macron, the solution will be given by the people's struggle", while they marched all the way from Syntagma Square to the Embassy of Brazil

Manolis Rapanakis, member of the Central Council of the Communist Youth, stated that "the members of KNE do not rely on today's mobilization", adding that KNE will highlight the issue in schools, universities, labour places and neighborhoods so that the protection of the environment "will become an important part of the youth's struggle, aiming at the real opponent which is the system of exploitation".

In a statement, the Press Office of the CC of KNE underlines that "the protection of the environment is an issue that is linked with the life conditions of the youth and the people! For that reason, it must not be left to the hands of the exploiters who are responsible for the situation we are living, but it must become an element of the struggle for the overthrow of this system and all those who serve it". 

Similar mobilizations have been scheduled by KNE to take place on Thursday 29 August throughout Greece.