Saturday, December 9, 2023

Cyprus Communist Initiative launched, aims "to rebuild the workers’ and people’s movement"

With the sickle and hammer as its symbol, the Cyprus Communist Initiative has been formalised into an official body, was announced on Saturday.

Under the full name "Cyprus Communist Initiative, for the rebuilding of the workers’ and people’s movement", the new group “aspires to fill the political vacuum that has existed for years in Cypriot society, and to become a rallying force for the struggles of the working class and the broader popular strata.”

Concerning the long-standing Cyprus issue, the founding statement of the Initiative points out: "For the Cyprus issue, special importance is given as an international problem of invasion and occupation by Turkey and foreign NATO imperialist interventions. These interventions instrumentalized and strengthened nationalism-chauvinism, culminating in the twin crime of the treacherous fascist coup and the Turkish invasion. This action led to the violent division of the country and the people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

The group was founded on December 2 and its board was appointed on Friday. The statute provides for a horizontal structure.

It is made up of executive secretary Christos Kourtellaris, organising secretary Leandros Savvidis, secretary general Marios Ioannou, treasurer Andri Louka and the members (alphabetically) Alexis Antoniou, Chrysanthi Epifaniou, Nicolas Nicolas, Yannis Sokratous and Maria Sokratous.