Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Comment of the KKE on the termination of the activity of the European Communist Initiative

Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on the termination of the activity of the European Communist Initiative:


The inevitable course towards the termination of the activity of the European Communist Initiative (ECI) has caused confusion among some of the forces participating in it.

They thought that the ECI, which was founded 10 years ago as a space of action of the European CPs for “a society without the exploitation of man by man, without poverty, social injustice and imperialist wars”, as stated in its Founding Declaration, would be transformed into a space of confrontation and ultimately of justification of the so-called just multipolar world, which supposedly can be built by the BRICS without shaking the foundations of capitalist exploitation and imperialist competition that lead to unjust wars.

In this regard, the PRCF (Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France), has levelled ridiculous accusations at the Communist Party of Greece for allegedly unilaterally dissolving the ECI and not putting the question of dissolution to a vote during the recent teleconference, while it knows very well that the Secretariat of the ECI was in favour of the termination of its activity and that during its 10 years of activity a voting has never taken place.

It even called upon the parties that did not agree with this development to reconstruct the ECI.

These accusations on the part of the PRCF against the KKE actually show malice and complete ignorance of basic principles of the functioning of the ECI, which unfortunately the PRCF seems to have been unable to assimilate during its participation.

The operating framework of the ECI, which is published on its website ( http://www.initiative-cwpe.org/en/home/ ), explicitly states that “The ‘Initiative’ is a form of cooperation of communist and worker’s parties, above all in the member-states of the EU. It is based on a Founding Declaration, which describes its principles and goals. It does not constitute a unified political party, nor does it constitute a ‘European Party’, such as those established by the EU. Based on the above, all the parties, which participate in the “Initiative” have the same rights and obligations, while political decisions are taken according to the principle of Unanimity”.

Over the years, all political decisions of the ECI have been taken based on the principle of unanimity.

The PRCF seeks to conceal that this political unanimity, which was a characteristic feature of the functioning of the ECI, ceased to exist after Russia’s unacceptable invasion of Ukraine, in the framework of the imperialist war that has broken out between the Euro-Atlantic camp and the emerging Eurasian camp. And this lack of unanimity had practically put an end to the activities of the ECI for a year and a half.

The KKE and a significant number of ECI parties condemned the invasion, rejecting both the pretexts used by the USA-NATO-EU and by the Russian leadership, and pointed out that the war is being led and waged by the bourgeois classes and is therefore imperialist on both sides. On this basis, they called upon the working class and the peoples to oppose the imperialist war and to continue the struggle based on their own independent interests, against the involvement of their countries in the war, against the bourgeois classes and the anti-popular governments, in the direction of overthrowing the bourgeois power.

On the contrary, the PRCF and some other parties of the ECI have aligned themselves with one side of the slaughterhouse of the imperialist war, which is being waged for raw materials, market shares, and the profits of the capital, even glorifying the massacre of the peoples in the name of “anti-fascism”, “anti-imperialism”, or the formation of a “multipolar world”. In practice, they have lost any sense of class and internationalist stance, as they support the Russian bourgeoisie, its state and the imperialist war.

The PRCF also hides the fact that diametrically opposed approaches have developed within the ranks of the international communist movement and the ECI on other issues, such as the issue of China, which today competes with the USA for supremacy in the imperialist system and is far from building socialism, as the PRCF and some other parties believe.

Serious disagreements have also arisen due to the stance of some parties of the ECI, which have spoken against refugees and immigrants in their countries and refused to show solidarity with these people, who, in the opinion of the KKE and other parties, are victims of imperialist wars and capitalist exploitation, a fact also reflected in the statements of the ECI.

The PRCF, which accuses the KKE of unilaterally dissolving the ECI, and some other parties of the ECI, participate in the so-called World Anti-Imperialist Platform, together with some suspicious groups, which only engage in vulgar insults and distortion of the KKE’s positions. Such an “anti-imperialist” stance will certainly make the USA rub its hands with glee, seeing how the so-called anti-imperialists of the “Platform” attack the KKE, which is at the forefront of the struggle for the closure of the US-NATO bases in Greece and the disengagement of the country from NATO and the EU; which is the only political force in the country that opposes Greece’s participation in the imperialist war in Ukraine. Could it be, therefore, that the “Platform” is made by other forces than those obvious at first sight?

In any case, the PRCF must know that the anti-KKE sentiment will fail and will not go unanswered! Neither the PRCF nor any other force has the right to use the symbols and the title of the ECI in the future, but, if it wishes to do so, it can come together with those forces that agree with the political positions it expresses. Besides, every political force will be judged by the workers for its stance and position on national and international issues...