Thursday, June 11, 2020

KKE responds to the fabrications published in "Die Rote Fahne" online newspaper

On June 6, 2020, an article titled "The Migration Issue "divides" the Left" was published online in Greece. The author of the article is a geologist who had studied in Germany and lives in Athens. It refers to an article in the German online newspaper "DIE ROTE FAHNE", which deals with the migration issue in Europe and criticises the ΚΚΕ for ..."deficient analysis". 

The author of the article claims that what we are dealing with is a "not so friendly reaction of the "fraternal" Communist Party of Germany, KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands).

The article immediately became fodder for certain social media and was reproduced by various Syriza members, who are supposedly wondering "now, how will the KKE respond to its fraternal party".In other words, those who are wondering are the ones that supported and implemented the EU-Turkey agreement, created refugee camps like the one in Moria, entrapped tens of thousands of refugees in Greece under miserable conditions.

However, as the geologist could say, their anti-KKE "treasure" has turned out to be fool's gold! And that is why:

1st in Germany, the KKE cooperates and maintains bilateral relations with the German CP (DKP – Deutsche Kommunistische Partei), not with the Party they are mentioning. So, everything regarding a "fraternal" party that criticises the KKE is a lie.Of course, this in no ways implies that there can't be any criticism or confrontation of views between CPs. However, we are dealing here with a fabricated lie.

2nd the article they are referring to was published in an online newspaper that has the same name as the newspaper of KPD ("DIE ROTE FAHNE"), but has no relations with the party itself (KPD).

In other words, we are talking about an immense sleight of hand or blindness that could lead some to an anti-KKE hatred. But really, on whose wishes or encouragementis this carried out?

Finally, getting to the heart of the matter for which the German authors were making a "criticism to the KKE", we would like to note just how damaging is the line of supporting the hypocrisy of the imperialists, precisely as they are doing. All those who have destroyed and dismantled countries are now wearing the mask of the Good Samaritan for their reconstruction. A reconstruction that could also resolve the migration issue, as the EU claims. And who are those? The ones that bombarded countries, armed murderous gangs and slaughtered peoples, the ones that in times of imperialist "peace" are sucking the workers dry to increase the profits of their monopolies.

Also, it's more than obvious that these German authors haven't even completed reading the Statement by the PB of the CC of the KKE (3/3/2020), which also mentions, amongst other things, the demand to end now all participation, support and involvement of our country in NATO, US and EU actions and operations in the Middle East region that support Turkey's invasion of Syria, interventions in Libya, perpetuating war and disaster. Moreover, the need is highlighted for the people "to organise their struggle, focusing on those who are responsible and the causes that are at the root of the problem.To isolate both reactionary nationalism and repression, as well as the dangerous cosmopolitanism of the "open borders" theory. The people to be in solidarity with one another and to forge an alliance in their struggles against the bourgeois governments and their imperialist partners".