Thursday, April 14, 2016

Greek electronic appliances company declares bankruptcy- 450 workers and staff are thrown into unemployment!

ATHENS- Greek electronic appliances chain 'Elektroniki Athinon' has declared bankruptcy following a court decision on Wednesday. In a statement released on Wednesday, the company cited the state of the local economy, the weakening of Greek consumers' purchasing power, the imposition of capital controls last year and a suspension of a restructuring plan among the reasons behind its insolvency. The company’s 45 outlets in all over the country were expected to be closed on Thursday. The closure of 'Elektroniki Athinon' means that 450 employees- workers and staff- are thrown into unemployment.

Dynamic response from the workers.

The struggle committee of 'Elektroniki's employees issued an announcement regarding the rapid developments in the company, where it states among other things:

"We must not leave space and time to the company's ownership to implement undisturbed it's plans. The employer has already closed stores, has put a 70% discount to exhibition products in stores that intends to close during the next days and, on the same time, gives compulsory days-off to our fellow employees.

We cannot remain spectators and watch the developments passively; they are developments that have to do with our life, our job, our salaries. We must take our own measures, to organise our struggle.

All the previous years, in order to ensure it's interests and increase it's profitability, 'Elektroniki' moved towards decreasing salaries and firing workers. It even reached the point to ask from us (the employees) to offer a monthly salary as a contribution to the development of the company!

We immediately call the company to inform us about it's developments and plans, to commit towards the safeguard, in any case, of all the employees' rights.

Iniatially, we demand:
- No to any dismissal.
- To ensure all job places within the company.
- All fellow employees to return from their complulsory days-off.

The employees' struggle committee calls all the employees of 'Elektroniki' to participate in a general assembly on Sunday 17th April at the offices of the Association of Athens Merchants.

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